Myth or reality - can you enlarge your penis with baking soda? The whole truth about the road

how to enlarge your penis with soda

The issue of increasing male dignity worries a huge number of representatives of the strong half of humanity.

He chews on some so much that one is literally ready for anything, hoping to achieve positive results.

But at the same time, not many men agree to seek help from a surgeon and use "wonderful" creams, ointments, pills.

They also resort to prescriptions for alternative medicine.

One such method is penis enlargement with baking soda.

How realistic is it for a man to increase his penis with baking soda?

With traditional medicine recipes, it is important to understand how effective they are and what health hazards they pose. Soda attracts many with its availability and cheapness of recipes, but to what extent can it help a person increase the most expensive organ?


There is quite a bit of controversy on this topic: advertising companies for penis enlargement or other means to enlarge the penis shout that soda has nothing to do with penis growth, and some even support the idea that soda is an alkali that neutralizes acid. and internal use is dangerous even to humans as it can lead to digestive system failure.

But if you incorporate the logic of sound, you can easily realize that the acid concentration in your stomach is so high that a light soda solution does no harm.

Watching the modern rhythm of life, you can see that the acid-base balance system of many people is very tense, especially men suffer because they have to be in shape all the time, protect and take care of their families. And if a woman is still not happy with a man in bed, it greatly affects the man’s self-confidence, disrupting his normal life and constant growth.

Using a soda solution can significantly reduce emotional stress, cleanse the blood and the entire human body, which greatly strengthens the body and gives you more chances to enlarge your penis without surgery.

In order for the penis to no longer be sufficient for soda intake, the product helps quite well in the form of a cassette, which should be rubbed gently into the organ.

Regular use of such a "scrub" for several months will help the body grow several centimeters.

The result does not appear immediately, you need patience. To consolidate the results, it is advisable to use special herbs and other methods to enlarge the penis at home:

  • without ointments;
  • without anything.

How does it affect penis growth?

measuring tape to measure the penis after enlargement with soda

The issue is complex and ambiguous: on the one hand, the product does not contain hormones or other components that stimulate the growth of any part of the body, and on the other hand promotes the activation of water molecules in the body.

If there are harmful contaminants in the blood, its flow is interrupted, and during excitement, a person may not have a good erection.

When a man reaches a maximum erection, the penis appears to be enlarged. And this is indeed true - the penis will be about 3-5 mm larger. After the excitement decreases, the organ returns to its normal size, but the greater the blood flow, the more noticeable the increase in penis size.

During intercourse, the penis is in a state of excitement, and the stronger the erection, the more pleasure the partner will have because he will feel the penis much better. But this is the first reason that makes one think about increasing one’s dignity.


To state with 100% certainty that baking soda actually increases the penis is unreasonable. Although soda has a positive effect on efficiency and the body as a whole.

Using folk methods of penis enlargement is not harmful to a person, but on the contrary, it can even be useful. And if a man decides to surprise his partner in bed, he simply needs to drink a cure of an alkaline solution - even if the penis doesn’t grow, efficiency will be normal.