How to enlarge your penis

Penis size

Penis enlargement or male enlargement is any method designed to increase the size of a man’s penis. Some methods aim to increase the overall length, others around the circumference of the rod and others around the size of the head. Techniques include surgery, supplements, ointments, patches, and physical techniques such as pumping, jelqing, and adhesion. Surgical methods for penis enlargement may be effective, but these methods carry a risk of complications and are not medically indicated except in cases associated with micropenis.

If you want to enlarge your penis without putting yourself at unnecessary risk, there are a number of natural herbs available to help you increase the blood flow to your penis for a bigger erection. These herbs increase the size of the penis as more blood flows into the penis, which means they provide a bigger, stronger erection, which temporarily increases the size of the penis while maintaining the erection.

How to enlarge your penis with herbs

Over time, after regularly taking these herbs alone or supplements containing them for a few months, the growth becomes permanent due to the expansion of the cells of the penis and can be observed even in a flabby state. By the time you are satisfied with the results you have, you can stop treatment and maintain the growth you have achieved.

This is much easier than resorting to complex procedures such as penis enlargement exercises that no one has the patience to do in the time it takes to achieve consistent results (i. e. , exercises that need to be done for 6 months or more per day) or penis surgery that does not compensate for the risks. with a small increase.

  1. One of the most commonly used herbs for penis enlargementGinseng, mainly Korean red ginseng. One of the properties that its ingredients offer is increased blood flow, which allows you to get an erection faster and thus a real increase in penis size. Furthermore, this plant is used by those who suffer from impotence or weak stiffness. Although this herb can be consumed boiled or powdered in tea, water or milk, its effect is very strong and when taken in large doses can cause unpleasant side effects, so consumption should be moderate.
  2. Another herb that is widely used to enlarge the penis isGinkgo biloba, which also contributes to the enhancement of sexual and cerebral blood flow, and therefore acts as an aphrodisiac in addition to its vasodilating effect. It is also an herb that is widely used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve memory, and can also be taken as a precursor drug in the form of tea or powder. The advantage is that it is not as toxic as the previous one, although consumption should also be controlled to avoid side effects.
  3. Another very common and well known herbPeruvian poppy. . . On the properties of a well-known aphrodisiac. It contains photochemical macamides and macaenes that increase overall energy and help men achieve an erection, allowing the cavernous fields of the penis to expand and thus, of course, increase the size of the penis. The best way to take maca is by chopping and mixing it with liquid, preferably milk, as the Peruvian natives do. Maca is a versatile booster and there are no known harmful side effects when taken, so all healthy people can take it without much trouble, but its effect is not as strong as the previous ones. Maca can also be used by women to increase sexual appetite, libido and hormone regulation.
  4. Eat lots of watermelons. . . This juicy fruit also has strong vasodilating properties that promote genital blood flow and achieve strong erections. It contains a high concentration of the so-called citrinin amino acid, which has a very similar effect to L-arginine, which allows blood vessels to dilate. Watermelon is considered the best fruit for men’s sexual health and has no side effects, so it can be consumed in abundance. There is no convincing research on how much you need to show good results, but since it is a delicious fruit especially in summer and has no negative effects, you can consume as much as you want.
  5. Eat raw garlic and onions. . . Although these are two very popular ingredients in our kitchen and in many dishes, they are almost always cooked before consumption and high temperatures lead to significant depreciation. Both are powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that improves health and blood flow, but for maximum benefits, they need to be consumed raw the way nature has created it. Those who don’t like their strong taste can pair it with other foods, such as bread, or use it in fresh salads along with other vegetables that mask their rather unpleasant taste.

How can you increase your penis by changing your lifestyle?

In addition to the superfoods that can be consumed to increase penis size, there are certain eating and lifestyle habits that will help you achieve your goal in the near future.

  1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. . . Avoid fatty red meats, light meals and fast food and overuse all fruits and vegetables, preferably bright colors. The darker the vegetables, the better, especially greens and reds like turnips, cabbage, turnips, carrots and tomatoes.
  2. Stop smoking and significantly reduce your alcohol consumption, especially the strong. Wine is allowed, especially red wine, which has strong antioxidant properties.
  3. Tasks. . . A sedentary lifestyle, especially at home, in front of the TV, at work and in the car, is the worst thing you can do for your overall health and especially your sexual health. Blood requires exercise and muscle activity for strong blood flow. Man is designed for a sedentary life, and a sedentary lifestyle is not only the cause of obesity, but also of many sexual diseases in which both men and women suffer. In addition, constant and vigorous exercise promotes weight loss and better erections, leading to a natural increase in penis size.

How to increase your penis with dietary supplements

Supplements have many advantages over everything else when there is a quick and safe way to enlarge your penis. The benefit of penis enlargement supplements is that they avoid side effects. First, they are concentrated, so there is no need to swallow large amounts to achieve the desired effect, and secondly, they are safe because their ingredients are combined in formulas in which the ingredients can interact with each other to provide maximum benefits without going so. far. may cause dangerous side effects.

Due to their dosage form (capsules, tablets or tablets), they are easy to administer and take under any circumstances and anywhere. To safely enlarge your penis, all you have to do is take them twice a day and trigger erections throughout the day by masturbating, stroking or having sex so that their ingredients get into the penis through the power of the erection and play a role.


All of the above ingredients and tips are effective and should be followed, but as mentioned, many herbs that can be used to grow the penis are toxic when taken in large doses orally, while others (such as watermelon) are not. . The hazard requires high doses to achieve any effect. In addition, some of the herbs used to enlarge the penis interact to work.

It is beneficial when administered correctly, but at high doses it can cause quite unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, etc. Or they even become dangerous. As for supplements, the only risk is that the vast majority of them are ineffective or fake. Counterfeit medicines are dangerous because they not only ruin your wallet but can seriously damage your health. Be careful what you buy and what you buy.