Real and proven ways to enlarge the home of your penis

Is It Possible To Enlarge Your Penis At Home? This question has been asked by many men for a long time. There was once a cult of Priapus in ancient Greece - a deity with a very long penis. Probably because of this, priapism is a disease in which a person’s penis is too large. Today, the measure of beauty is phallus, which is much larger than average.

Some males want to enlarge their penis for the sake of interest, while others want to solve this problem in any way without lying on the operating table.

Top 10 Best Penis Enlargement Methods At Home

top 10 penis enlargement method

There are several options for enlarging your penis at home. All the methods listed below are mainly aimed at changing the length of the phallus upwards. Organ elongation occurs due to tissue stretching and blood filling.

The most popular methods:

  1. Folk methods (soda).
  2. Exercises (jelqing, hanging weights).
  3. Vacuum pumps, extension cords.
  4. Massage.
  5. Gel, cream, ointment, spray.
  6. Pills.
  7. Nozzles.
  8. Hormones.
  9. Food and herbs.

Each method requires special attention. Otherwise, the man risks his penis.

Folk remedies

Every generation of men has invented new ways to enlarge their penis. The most popular method is baking soda, which has a short-term effect. To do this, you need to make a soda bath and immerse a member in it. The procedure is performed one hour before intimacy.

When immersing the organ in a soda bath, the penis should be at rest, without an erection.

soda for penis enlargement

In some cases, soda is used in the form of a compress. The powder is mixed 1: 1 with the honey and then applied to the penis along its entire length. The mixture is evenly distributed on the barrel, avoiding contact with the head. Otherwise, baking soda may cause itching, burning and irritation. In addition, there is a risk of organ damage.

There is another way to use baking soda. To enlarge the penis, a person should take a hot bath and then dry his penis thoroughly with a towel. The trunk is then coated with vegetable oil and sprinkled with baking soda along its entire length. Then, using a sponge, rub the soda into the skin with massaging movements, but for up to 5 minutes. 2 minutes after the end of the procedure, the organ is washed with warm water.

After completing the procedure, the man may feel a slight burning sensation and see redness. In this case, the penis should be smeared with baby cream.

Instead of baking soda to increase penis, men can use aloe juice and horse chestnut tincture.


There are the following exercises to increase the reproductive organ:

  • suspended loads;
  • stretching;
  • jelqing.

One can choose the right one for oneself.



jelqing for penis enlargement

Jelqing is a penis enlargement technique designed to fill the cavernous body of the organ with blood. The exercises are performed both dry and wet, with or without lubrication.

To perform the exercise, you need to achieve an incomplete erection and grab the penis at the bottom, making a ring from the index and thumb. He then squeezes the penis tightly for 2-4 seconds, running his fingers to his head. You should then grasp the foundation with your other hand and repeat the exercise.

massage to enlarge the penis

Suspension of loads

hanging weights for penis enlargement

Weight suspension is the oldest method of penis enlargement. Hanging is dangerous, if the actions are performed incorrectly, the organ can be severely damaged.

As a first step, take a regular rope and twist it into a ring. The ring is then placed on the head of the penis and secured with adhesive plaster. They then suspend a load on a rope and resume housework.

If you experience severe pain, stop the action immediately.


In the market for intimate products today, there are many innovative tools that allow you to enlarge your penis quickly and safely. Each device category includes several models of different shapes and sizes, so every man chooses the one that suits him or her.

water pump

The vacuum pump is the most popular male repair tool. The principle of its action is based on the formation of a vacuum around an organ immersed in a pump. The pressure increases the size of the penis. At the same time, more blood flows into the organ. The procedure takes at least half an hour. You can also use a vacuum pump to slightly increase the width of your penis.

penis enlargement pump


An extender is a device that stretches the tissue of the penis, thereby extending it. The device not only lengthens the organ but also contributes to its thickening.

penis enlargement extension


The annexes are temporary expansion agents. The binding is placed on the organ before sexual intercourse and is eventually removed. The main advantage of fixing is that it immediately increases the size of the phallus.

penis enlargement attachments


Penis enlargement massage is also common in the male population.

The massage can be aimed not only at enlarging the trunk, but also at the head.

Hand massage is the most effective way to enlarge your penis. First, the entire length of the organ is lubricated and then injected into an excited state. The penis is tightly wrapped with his hand and begins to perform translational movements from the axis to the head. The foreskin is then pulled down and replaced. The exercises are repeated at least 60 times in one direction. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Another exercise is performed to enlarge the head. The penis is pressed firmly to the base and directs the blood towards the head by touching it. The massage is performed at a relaxed pace, lingering on your head for a few seconds.

Creams, ointments and gels

creams and ointments for penis enlargement

Creams, ointments and gels are traditionally divided into 3 categories:

  • additional;
  • short period;
  • long-term.

Short-term treatments work for 2-3 hours, so they are used just before sex. Long-lasting creams help the penis to enlarge for up to a month, after which their effects disappear. To prolong the effect, the cream is applied regularly.

Supporting gels and ointments work exclusively with other augmentation methods.

Medicines, herbs and homeopathy

Medicines that increase male dignity are intended to increase blood circulation in tissues. Various herbs, hormones, pills, and dietary supplements change penis size as well as provide longer erections and increase male libido.

Regardless of which medication a person wants to use, it should be prescribed by an andrologist or urologist.

Side effects and risks

Each of the extension methods mentioned above carries side effects and risks. If a man chooses the wrong herb or medication for himself, it can lead to an allergic reaction or tissue burns.

If a person does a lot of exercise or massage and misuses the pump and extender, there is a chance of getting a hematoma or penis injury. In any case, you should not forget about safety precautions.


Every man can choose a convenient way to enlarge his penis, but his decision must be intentional. Scientists have long proven that the size of masculinity does not affect the quality of sex in any way. In addition, a large machine can cause discomfort and pain to a girl.