How to increase the penis at home: working methods

Lots and lots of people live happy, fulfilled lives, yet are completely unhappy with the size of their penis and are constantly looking for ways to enlarge it a bit. Since this is a very sensitive issue, it’s no surprise that you feel like you’re the only one in the world with a small penis (less than 15 cm).

I understand very well how these people feel. That’s why I wrote this article based on my personal experience, after a lot of trial and error. Of course, I waited until I reached puberty and my "friend" grew up. But it didn't grow. Or he didn’t grow up as actively as I would like. I didn’t have a lot of money back then, so I didn’t even have to think about surgery. And all sorts of forums and sites are literally full of all the information about penis enlargement pills andquite dangerous. . .

penis size issue

I started looking for information on how to enlarge my penis and found that some people write that they could almost grow6 cmthanks to special exercises. I began to explore the internet and found a number of techniques that are suitable for beginners as well as a number of more complex methods for those who have been dealing with this issue for a long time.

The most advanced techniques are designed for those who have a problem with a crooked penis or ejaculation. But luckily I don’t have such problems. That’s why I decided to start with the simplest guidelines.

Believe it or not, I only managed to increase my device by almost 6 cm in 3 months. Yes, gentlemen, that's right! Before I started exercising, the length of my penis was slightly shorter15 cmbut now intact17, 5 cm. . . And this is a victory!

Inspired by such successes, I decided to write this article and present the training program in detail. You don’t need any experience to get started. This program is completely secure and suitable for everyone.

The article will tell you the easiest and fastest way to size without resorting to a surgeon’s scalpel. First, I will tell you how to measure your penis correctly. And then I will talk about the methods that allow you to achieve the most effective result, as well as describe my experience in this area.

Is It Possible To Enlarge Your Penis At Home?

The first thing every man needs to know is that he can enlarge his penis without surgery and plastic surgery. There are a huge number of alternatives that work according to the following simple principle:

  • stretchingthe cavernous tissues of the fallus, which are responsible for the size of the organ during erection;
  • profitblood flow that guarantees the strength of the erection;
  • profitpotency and male libido to increase male activity in general.

It is important to note that penis size rarely plays a key role in a man’s sex life. But if the size of the organ causes psychological discomfort and causes complexes, then the problems obviously need to be solved in order to avoid the matter falling into psychogenic impotence.

The largest and most impressive change in penis size can only promise surgical interventions. Alternative methods do not bring much benefit.

girl looking at the man's tail

Measuring the length of the penis in a normal state (without an erection)

The biggest problem is that in the unexcited state, the length is constantly changing. Literally every hour. The size of an unexcited penis is affected by various factors, such as changes in ambient temperature or the intensity of blood circulation in the pelvic region. I suggest measuring the length of your unexcited penis as follows:

  • Stand up straight and take your penis in your hand in front of you. (Do not stretch, otherwise it will distort the measurement result. )
  • Take a tape measure or ruler with your free hand and measure your friend’s length.
  • Write the result on a piece of paper.

Special exercises to increase the male organ

The simplest and most effective way to increase the length and diameter of your penis is to exercise, which makes the cells and tissues in your body more flexible. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation, which depends directly on its size during an erection.

Jelqing technique

In order to effectively enlarge your penis with a long-lasting result, you need to consider some simple exercise techniques. The most popular technique approved by doctors is the Jelqing technique, which was also used by the Indians. The principle of practice is similar to milking with massage movements.

jelqing technique for penis enlargement

This exercise should be performed in a semi-upright position. This practice has two options:

  1. First you need a littleto warm upthe skin so the body becomes supple and supple. The organ should then be lubricated and stimulated to a semi-erogenous state.
  2. The organ is made according to the same principle, but using all of thempalm. . .

At first, 30-40 reps will be enough for you, but over time their number can be increased to 200. It is very important to observe the regularity of the practice for 1 month or more.


To increase the size of your home penis, you should regularly do a very simple exercise that involves stretching it. To do this, you need to warm the organ slightly to avoid damaging the cells and tissues. It is very important to warm up to the point where the erection does not interfere with the stretching of the cave bodies.

stretching the penis to enlarge

First, you need to take the organ by the head and pull it out in front of you. Hold your penis longer for about 15 seconds, then loosen your grip and rest your body a little. The same principle is applied when the organ is stretched to the right or left, repeating the exercise in a circle. If you do not feel pain, do the exercise correctly.

Suspension of loads

There is another technique. allowing the size of the phallus to increase without medication and doctors, it is the suspension of weights. It should be clearly understood that this method is traumatic and requires special care during the performance. The essence of the method is to load the cavernous bodies of the penis with a load.

This exercise can be performed as follows:

  • Warm the penis with a gentle massage;
  • fix a plaster near the head of the penis to which the lace is attached;
  • hang small weights from the lace;
  • in this situation, you should endure at least 25 minutes to get started.
hanging weights for penis enlargement

It is very important to ensure that the head of the penis does not feel pain and numbness during exercise, otherwise it may be injured. You must first select a minimum weight for the load and gradually increase the weight and duration of the exercise over time.

Measurement of the circumference (thickness) of the penis when standing up

You can measure the thickness of the penis with a tape measure or thread (then measure the thread with a ruler only). The data obtained from measuring penis thickness is very different for many people because everyone measures differently.

  • If you have selected a thread, make sure there are no stretch marks on it.
  • Carefully wrap the tape or twine around the thicker part of the erect penis.
  • Note where the ends of the tape are, this is the number to be recorded. If you are using a thread, mark the position of the end of the thread with the rest of the thread, then stretch it and use a ruler to measure the distance between the mark and the end.
  • Record your measurements.
  • The average penis circumference is 11, 4-12, 9 centimeters.

Friends! If your results are lower than average, don’t hang your nose. Everything is in front of the most interesting and useful!

using penis enlargement lubricant

Using penis enlargement devices

If the implementation of various exercises leads to the appearance of an effect for a long time, then any man can use special tools and instruments for a one-time and quick result. Of course, it is impossible to grow a new organ, but by increasing the parameters of the penis, completely new feelings can be felt.

Penis enlargement tips

There are a number of attachments that not only increase the overall size of the penis but also help strengthen the erection. The nozzles can be open or closed. Closed penis ends are used to increase the length of the phallus.

penis enlargement attachments

It is best if such a nozzle is made of a flexible material, silicone or latex. The maximum increase in penis length using such a nozzle can be 10 cm. In addition, such a nozzle reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis, which in turn prolongs sexual intercourse and solves the problem of premature ejaculation.


This device is actually an ordinary pump. The operating principle of the pump guarantees an increase in efficiency and an improvement in the quality of sex life. But the main advantage of this device is that it also helps a person to achieve an erection even in case of erectile dysfunction.

penis enlargement pumps

The vacuum pump is used as follows:

  • Lubricate the penis with cream and place it in the pump cylinder;
  • the air is completely pumped out of the cylinder, which puts pressure on the organ;
  • pressure increases blood flow, thereby increasing penis thickness;
  • the built-in pressure gauge regulates the pressure;
  • you must use the pump immediately before intercourse.

The result of operating such a pump is temporary, so it is very often used by men with small penises as an accessory.

Extension cords

The extender is a special design. which attaches to the genital organ and increases its size. The working principle of the device is to stretch the tissues of the penis. Due to this tension, the tissues of the cave bodies begin to divide and grow.

There are many types of extensions - belts. vacuum and crocheted. Belt and vacuum equipment are considered to be the most efficient. We recommend that you use them for several hours each day, and as soon as the body gets used to the voltage, pull the device to a new voltage.

Measuring the length of the penis when standing up

how to measure your penis correctly

The length of the anxiety condition is more important as most men are worried about it. Before measuring, make sure you are completely excited. For example, watch a hot porn. Excited? Excellent. Now take a tape measure or ruler, measure it, and write it again.

  1. Place a ruler or tape measure at the base of the erect penis, just in front of the pubic area.
  2. Slowly push down on the pubic bone as far as it will go until the bone stops. This is especially important if you have a lot of belly fat. But don't overdo it!
  3. Measure from the sole to the end of the head.
  4. The average length of the penis is 13, 9-16 centimeters.

It is important to use the same measuring device that was used to measure the unexcited penis. This gives the most accurate result.

Penis enlargement massage

Another effective and efficient way to enlarge the penis is a special massage that guarantees not only an increase in the size of the organ but also an increase in the sexual functions of the man. Perform the massage correctly as follows:

  • Warm the organ with a warm cloth or towel before the procedure;
  • Heat the organ several times in a row;
  • Massage the penis shaft with a stretching and smoothing motion.

There are many different techniques for massaging the penis, and all of the techniques can be viewed online. The key is to make sure the procedure is regular and does not cause pain and discomfort. Massage improves local blood flow and prevents stagnation in the body.

massage for penis growth

Indications for use

Sooner or later, all people are wondering how to increase the thickness of their penis. But in fact, such a procedure is required by a very small percentage of men. In other cases, thickening of the penis is solely the desire of the person himself.

There is a size standard that is considered the norm. A normal penis is about 16 centimeters long and 8 centimeters in diameter. The error is allowed both up and down. Micropenis is considered to be 8 cm long and smaller in a steep state. This size of masculinity already requires intervention and correction.

micropenis in a man

Penis thickening is usually more difficult than surgically changing its length. But there are currently several ways to increase the diameter of your penis. Their use helps to increase the volume of the penis, both at home and under the supervision of professionals.

Increasing the thickness of the penis is done in several ways. It is shown to men who have little masculinity and want to understand how to increase the thickness of their penis. After all, it is known that with prolonged complacency using small diameters, the volume of the penis may be smaller.

This means that there are ways to increase the thickness of the penis.


You can quickly and effectively enlarge your penis with the help of special local products - lubricants. The effect of the lubricant is due to the natural ingredients of the preparation, which help the tissues of the penis to dilate. In addition, some lubricants contain hormones, so it is best if prescribed by your doctor.

There are 3 types of lubricant:

  1. Fast-acting ointment- after application, the penis grows a few centimeters, but this ointment can only be applied before intercourse.
  2. Phallus enlargement gels- these medicines should be used for several months to achieve a long-term cumulative effect.
  3. Additional ointments- they are used in conjunction with other techniques or practices.
gels and ointments for penis enlargement

The use of such lubricants is completely safe and not a traumatic method of enlarging the penis. But before using it is very important to get acquainted with the contraindications and side effects.


The jelqing technique has existed since ancient times - it was used by the Romans and the Greeks, and was widely used in the East. The principle is based on the fact that the penis can be enlarged by corpus cavernosum, i. e. by regular stimulation.

The jelqing technique is similar to masturbation, but requires preparation and a special approach:

  1. Create a hot, humid environment. The best is a hot bath.
  2. Lubricate the penis with a lubricant or special cream.
  3. Massage the body for a mild erection.
  4. Make a tight ring from your thumb.
  5. Pull the penis as far as possible without the appearance of obvious painful feelings.

You need to repeat the exercise ten to fifteen times a day, gradually increasing the amount.

Remember that the technique should be stopped if you notice any unpleasant side effects - pain, irritation, discomfort in the groin area.

Pills and dietary supplements for penis enlargement

You can also enlarge your penis at home with medications that can be synthetic or natural. The principle of action of such drugs is most often to speed up blood circulation and increase blood flow to the penis.

The most popular drug for phallus enlargement today is the Chinese tablet based on natural Chinese ginseng. Ginseng strengthens the body's endurance, improves skin tone and speeds up blood flow. Dietary supplements are herbal medicines that must be used in conjunction with other methods. A good dietary supplement contains the following ingredients:

  1. Wheat germ oil- this product contains the zinc and selenium needed by the body, which are the building blocks of testosterone synthesis.
  2. Vitamin E.- a very important substance that is responsible for the proliferation of cells in the body and for increasing human efficiency and libido.
  3. Pumpkin seedsIt is an irreplaceable regulator of reproductive function in men.
penis enlargement products

Methods for changing the thickness

There are several popular methods for increasing the width of the penis. Some require medical supervision, while others, on the contrary, perform on their own at home.

There are a number of basic procedures that can be used to significantly increase the circumference of the penis:

  • lipofilling;
  • muscle tissue transplantation;
  • Perovik operation;
  • implantation of balls.

There are several ways to increase the diameter of your penis without surgery:

  • massage;
  • penis extender with extender;
  • use of a vacuum pump;
  • use of tablets;
  • use of various ointments and gels.

Using these techniques, you can choose the best method and increase the amount of penis as well as increase its sensitivity.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement

Today, traditional medicine is a repository of treatments and recipes that can be used in conjunction with other penis enlargement techniques. A variety of herbs and beekeeping products have proven themselves very well.


If you pay attention to the composition of dietary supplements, you can learn about herbs that have a positive effect. Doctors isolated the following plants to increase penis size:

  1. EpimediumA Korean mountain woman who helps treat erectile dysfunction and affects the size of a man’s genitals. The main ingredient in the herb is icarin, which dilates blood vessels and enhances erections.
  2. GinsengA proven product that increases penile blood flow even after first use.
  3. Eurycoma has long leavesMalaysian ginseng, which also expands the cells of the penis and speeds up local blood flow. In addition, this plant increases sperm volume and libido in men.
herbs for penis enlargement

With soda

Many men demonstrate the effectiveness of regular baking soda in penis enlargement. The main condition for a safe procedure is the correct use of soda according to a folk recipe. You can use baking soda for penis baths. Tissue irritation leads to cell division and penis enlargement, but the point is not to overdo it with this therapy.

Honey recipe

One popular way to enlarge the penis is to use honey, and this method is approved by urologists and andrologists. It shall be applied according to the following scheme:

  • honey and water are mixed and regularly used internally;
  • the nuts are added to the honey and consumed on an empty stomach, with a spoon every morning;
  • add hazelnuts and rosehips to the honey, chop and beat into a mass using 1-2 tablespoons a day.
recipes with honey for penis enlargement

Work techniques

We’ve gathered the most common methods that promise to increase masculinity and found out if they really work.

The most important way to increase the length and diameter of the penis is through exercises that make the cells and tissues of the organ more flexible and stretchable. In addition, exercise improves local blood circulation and, as you know, the size of the phallus depends directly on how the wall flows into the wall during an erection.

Many men are wondering how to increase penis thickness with jelqing exercises? This is more than easy to do. Two exercises below can help you achieve good results.

  1. Before starting the first exercise, the penis should be warmed up to make the cavernous bodies more flexible. You can warm it up with a warm (not hot! ) Heating pad, or a bag of warm salt or grain. If applied lightly without pressure, you should warm your dignity and you can continue the massage. It is necessary to bring the penis into an easy erection and lubricate it generously with a lubricant or special gel to achieve a greater effect. We hold the penis with our index and thumb, making a tight ring out of it. We pull our hands to his head and stop on the way to it. The penis is tensioned and delayed for 7-10 seconds. We remove his hand. So you have to perform 20 repetitions. If the erection becomes strong, you may interrupt the exercise. As it weakens, continue.
  2. The next penis enlargement exercise should be done with the palm of your hand. You need to grip the penis tightly at the bottom and squeeze it tightly enough for 10 seconds. If the palm does not completely cover the penis, wrap the protruding length with the other hand. You need to pull the penis up and down and left and right during compression. You need to squeeze so that your feelings are on the verge of pain. The exercise should be repeated no more than 10 times.

Using the gel achieves the result twice as fast. Jelqing exercises, along with the gel components, improve blood flow to the corpus cavernosum, hyaluronic acid penetrates the tissues of the penis and replenishes the amount, resulting in rapid and visible growth.

If you do such gymnastics every day, you can increase the length of your penis by 2 cm in just one month, even without surgery. If you use special gels and ointments to enlarge your penis, the result will be achieved in less time.

Penis enlargement foods

The key to good health and the normal functioning of the reproductive system is proper nutrition. To naturally enlarge your penis, you need to add as much food as possible to your diet:

  • Watermelon - The ingredients in watermelon speed up blood flow and circulation in the penis.
  • Protein Foods - Protein is responsible for overall testosterone levels and muscle growth.
  • Walnuts are a source of vitamins as well as substances that increase the rate of testosterone synthesis.
  • Seafood is a natural aphrodisiac and an excellent source of zinc.
  • Greens - especially spinach, parsley, celery, which also increase testosterone levels and generally promote health.

Benefits of herbal treatment

  • Herbs are often not hard to find, they are sold in almost every pharmacy. And it is even easier for those living in the village. They can collect the necessary herbs for free on any meadow or field.
  • For those who are seriously interested in traditional medicine, herbal treatment is considered harmless. Herbal medicine is the safest way to enlarge a male reproductive organ.
  • Rapid penis enlargement for those who drink an herbal infusion will not work. But it will have a lasting effect.

Don't forget masturbation

Masturbation is not only a way to enjoy pleasure and relaxation on your own, but also a special exercise to stretch the length of your penis. To enlarge your penis, you need:

  • apply cream or oil to the penis for lubrication;
  • then the tissues are warmed up with the help of massage;
  • a man must achieve a maximum erection;
  • you need to make a ring with two fingers that allows you to move from the bottom up with a little pressure;
  • the process must necessarily end with ejaculation and complete sexual release.

If a man fails to get excited, viewing a partner or erotic pictures can help in the process. Masturbation should be intermittent, not a substitute for a full sex life for a man. It can only cause pleasant feelings, discomfort and pain - this is the reason for stopping the action.