How to enlarge a male penis with soda and is it real?

What exotic methods of male genital mutilation are not legendary among humans! One is penis enlargement with soda. Many men dream of learning how soda affects penis growth - a product costs a penny, it is in every kitchen.

Proponents of enlarging the penis with baking soda write about several options: drinking a water-soda solution; baths for the penis with tea soda; scouring; penis masks made of soda, honey and milk.

We suggest you figure out how it works.

Why do they drink soda

There are several beneficial properties attributable to soda. For example, experts in traditional medicine claim that consuming sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water helps get rid of heartburn. Those who suffer from high acidity in the stomach really confirm: it has an effect.

But not everything is clear here. Despite the temporary relief of heartburn attacks, the soft drink kills the beneficial bacteria in the stomach and roughly upsets the acid-base balance in the gastrointestinal tract. It can hardly be said that gastrointestinal diseases are treated in this way.

Alkalization of the body, which occurs due to exposure to sodium bicarbonate, carries the risk of hormonal imbalances due to changes in the composition of blood and lymph fluid. Therefore, all the proposals for helping soda bicarbonate to promote health are only thought-provoking information.

There is an opinion that consuming the product helps to cope with the mycoses (fungal colonies) that have chosen the skin of the feet. Soda is said to fight harmful microorganisms from within, through the blood, disrupting their vital activity. But if everything were that simple, the disease that many people suffer from would have receded long ago, and expensive anti-fungal drugs would have disappeared from pharmacies.

soda solution for penis enlargement

Less waste, more penis

There is a recipe for enlarging a man’s penis with soda, applying it systematically. The principle of action of a substance lies in its positive effect on internal organs. When a person suffers from diseases associated with body slag, the penis is not completely filled with blood and therefore does not reach its maximum size during an erection.

Furthermore, if a large abdomen hides the length of masculinity, sodium bicarbonate promises to solve the problem by eliminating toxins and being overweight.

How to use baking soda to remove toxins and reduce weight:

  • Take every teaspoon of baking soda every morning and every night, but not on an empty stomach so as not to provoke an ulcer or gastritis;
  • over time, transfer the amount of material taken to a tablespoon; according to some sources, it is also advantageous to dilute a teaspoon of product in a glass of water to cleanse the body and take it on an empty stomach.

The method is recommended to be combined with the introduction of dietary supplements to enhance men's health. The supplements stimulate blood flow to the lumbar region, have a beneficial effect on the prostate and increase potency. Due to the increased size of the penis with erectile blood, it increases in size, which means that the effect is achieved.

The method has not been empirically confirmed and is not recorded in official sources like any other folk recipe.

Who wouldn't take baking soda inside

To avoid harmful consequences, follow a number of recommendations:

  • you should not take soda for people who have stomach and intestinal diseases. Gastritis, ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas are contraindications to this method;
  • people with diabetes should not drink soda due to the risk of harmful effects on blood cells;
  • oncological diseases are incompatible with the use of sodium bicarbonate inside, as the blood is diluted as a result of the procedure and there is a risk that the altered cells will spread to all the organs in the body;
  • irritation and inflammatory foci may appear on dry, sensitive skin.

External use of soda for growth

Huge people are interested in whether it is realistic to enlarge the penis with soda using honey ointment. We found two popular recipes.

Rubbing into the skin

The baking soda is rubbed with thick water, without lumps, for 10 minutes a day, three times a day. The device is used alone or in combination with exercises, hanging a load or training with an extension cord. The process is believed to increase blood flow and accelerate exercise-induced growth. Try to be careful not to damage the mucous membranes of the head.

Mask with honey

The honey ointment is made from 25 grams. soda and a large spoon of bee waste. Reviews show that such rubbing increases libido and prolongs sexual intercourse. It is likely that minerals and biologically active substances actually make erections stronger as they increase blood circulation and metabolism in the tissues.

It’s worth noting that honey is the strongest allergen, so if you’re prone to allergic reactions, you can’t make a honey mask for your penis.

In fact, if the effect of honey increases the amount of living tissue, women hardly go under the knife for a thousand breast augmentations, and this is the most popular plastic surgery in the world. It turned out that the answer to the question of whether it is possible to enlarge the penis with baking soda will not be the answer.

Beauticians and self-care fans know how honey and soda work. Honey and baking soda ointment make the skin soft and pleasant to the touch. Honey is a complex product that contains vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances and is therefore part of the composition of cosmetic masks. Honey wraps are practiced by lovers of beauty treatments, but none of them do so in order to increase the volume of a certain body part.

honey for penis enlargement

Body lotion (compress)

A solution must be prepared. Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and stir ½ cups of heated water. Put a bandage or gauze in the solution, let it soak, and then unscrew it slightly. The tissue should be long enough to wrap the penis in several layers.

The authors of the prescription claim that the procedure should be completed for at least a month, otherwise the result will not come. If necessary, add a drop of essential oil to a glass of water to achieve the effect of aromatherapy (relaxation). During the procedure, you should lie down in a horizontal position and then spend 10 minutes in peace and quiet.


The soda bath makes your masculinity more flexible. You should take a teaspoon of soda in a glass of water and lower the penis into the resulting preparation for 15-20 minutes. Reviews show that using the cure before mounting, men achieve a solid erection, although no strong growth is observed.


To make a simple scrub based on sodium bicarbonate, it is advisable to moisten the organ and then rub the powder on its surface with gentle circular motions. The blood begins to flow intensely into the tissues, so scrubbing stimulates the erection and, according to the recipe makers, increases the penis slightly. Some recipes describe the use of baking soda with milk.

  • irritation, damage, rash on the phallus;
  • allergic dermatitis, urticaria;
  • STDs, diabetes, etc.
  • violation of the acid-base balance of the body;
  • individual intolerance.

Doctors on enlarging the penis with soda

There is no recorded information in official medicine about enlargement of the penis or any other part of the body with soda. Sodium bicarbonate is not mentioned in any medical literature as a means of promoting the enlargement of human organs.

For what other purposes do men use soda?

There is no single authoritative source where there is evidence of a change in phallus size under the influence of baking soda. The authors of articles on enlarging the penis with soda only mention its complementary capabilities. Some people advise you to soften the tissues of your penis with this substance before you train with a hook, an extender.

Sodium bicarbonate crystals can damage mucous membranes, corrode or cause allergies. So, if you decide to check from your own experience whether it is possible to enlarge your penis with baking soda, you run the risk of getting wounds and being forced to give up sex for a while.

On the Internet, it is advisable to rub baking soda before gelling, but we recommend using creams specifically designed for this purpose. For example, some creams deoxygenate tissues and increase circulation, making the body appear larger to stand up. In addition, the cream relieves fatigue after training with an extender and partially prevents the onset of symptoms of overtraining that are often seen in beginners. If a man has unconsciously damaged the skin of his penis, the cream promotes faster recovery.

In jelqing, the product is suitable as a lubricant and accelerates the appearance of exercise results. True, the effect of this massage on the growth of the phallus, which comes to us from antiquity to the ancient Arabs, is to wait 2-3 years. However, massage gives proven results, unlike baking soda.

A modern embodiment of old methods

Ancient men also tried to deceive nature and gave a few extra centimeters to the causal place. For this purpose, a load was placed on the organ, often for ritual purposes - the member was sometimes extended. The procedure was performed on boys who were preparing to become priests.

Today, hanging is also practiced, but with special tools - hangers. In such a hanger, the weight of the load is accurately calculated and the suspension is secured to a vacuum adhesive fastener, plus a belt is fastened to the body.

The hanger is an alternative to the extension cord, but the latter requires voltage adjustment, and the suspension requires almost no user intervention in the process. A man only needs to change weights from time to time as instructed.

The extender and stretcher work on the same principle as ancient humans - the constant stretching of a part of the body leads to an increase in length and thickness due to increased cell division. Unlike soda, the effectiveness of the method has been formally confirmed.

We hope we have answered the question of whether baking soda really contributes to the length and volume of the male genitalia.

If you have any questions, ask them on our forum on penis enlargement. Users share their experiences there, write reviews - there is a heated discussion on the topic.

How to enlarge the penis with baking soda

Many men are not happy with the size of their penis, so they try to find a way to enlarge their penis. To this end, members of the stronger sex use a variety of recipes and methods, and some of them threaten health and lead to the development of incurable pathologies. Recipes for traditional medicine include treatments that are made from simple and affordable ingredients, yet are highly effective and completely safe. One of them is soda. This product can be found in every home, costing pennies. Before you enlarge your penis with soda, you need to consider important aspects and rules of using the substance.

baking soda for penis growth

Is baking soda effective for penis enlargement?

Many people are interested in the question, can I increase my penis with the help of soda? It is reasonable to answer it only after analyzing the composition of the product.

Soda is often used in recipes of traditional medicine as it is an excellent cure in the fight against inflammation and harmful microorganisms. Do not think that when you use this substance, your penis will grow exponentially. Studies have shown that baking soda increases efficiency when using other methods, so it is advisable to use it as an adjunct.

How to enlarge the penis with baking soda? The ability to change the size of the penis is due to the fact that the substance can penetrate the tissues without hindrance and thins the blood due to its unique effect. This feature makes the dust irreplaceable - it actively increases the size of the penis. Enlargement of the penis with baking soda does not show normal results if you are not exercising or using special equipment.

It should be noted that this material remarkably protects the penis from injury and various complications. Some exercise can increase the likelihood of blood clots, but thanks to the unique composition of baking soda, it can dilute the blood, which prevents blood clots.

the effectiveness of soda in penis growth

Penis enlargement with baking soda has several options, each with unique benefits and features. Everyone chooses a particular type on their own and it is even better to combine them, but the point is not to overdo the established doses. Those who know how to enlarge the penis with soda claim that the phallus grows by about 1-2 inches. This port is commonly used in the following forms:

  • used inside;
  • used as a main component of ointment;
  • one of the components in making trays.

It’s better to see everything visually about enlarging your penis with soda - the video shows the most important aspects of this procedure and the basic rules:

Useful properties of soda

For those who are not happy with the size of their penis, they need to learn how to increase penis soda because it is one of the easiest and most beneficial methods that requires a minimum of effort and financial resources to accomplish.

Some are not even aware of the positive properties of soda, believing it to be used exclusively for baking. In fact, the medicinal properties of the product are legendary. In more detail, the material helps in the following cases:

  • relieves obesity;
  • eliminates burns;
  • copes with heartburn;
  • speeds up metabolism;
  • normalizes stomach acidity;
  • used for cosmetic purposes;
  • regulates the circulatory process;
  • soda helps to enlarge the penis.

Penis enlargement is due to the effect of dust on the circulatory system. Everyone knows that an erection is observed when the penis and its structural elements are filled with blood. Soda helps to increase blood circulation, as a result of which the size of the body of the cave and sponge increases.

How to enlarge your penis with baking soda?

man in bed

Soda is used in the recipes of traditional medicine

Before using soda to enlarge your penis, you need to consider a number of very important rules for using the substance. The most common method is massage. To achieve a positive result quickly and safely, you must perform the exercise correctly, otherwise there will be damage to the sensitive skin of the phallus. The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Preparatory. Before you enlarge your penis at home with soda, you need to prepare your body to make your skin more elastic and increase blood circulation. To do this, you need to buy a towel - you better prefer the softer version. Then moisten with warm water and wrap around the penis, leave for 2-3 minutes. The procedure is repeated several times - at least 3 times.
  2. Massage. Not everyone knows how to enlarge their penis with soda massage, the main purpose of which is to stretch the body. Among the approaches, you should ensure a high level of restoration of proper blood circulation by performing smooth and light movements. When the penis is stretched, a large amount of blood mass enters, after which it is evenly distributed in all veins due to the smooth massage. Soda should be applied directly during the massage. To do this, just take a pinch of material in your hand and literally "plug it" into the surface of your penis. The procedure is somewhat similar to the application of scrub.
  3. Recovery. After completing exercises to increase the penis with baking soda, the body should be restored to normal functioning. All you have to do is lie down and relax.

Experts suggest that before you do penis enlargement with soda, you should improve your mood and relax. Often, health problems in the reproductive system are psychological in nature, so you need to tune yourself properly for a good result.

Sexologists say men need to "fantasize" about the missing centimeters in their heads, allowing them to get rid of complexes quickly.

Soda creams

Make 2 tablespoons of the soda solution. tablespoons material and mix thoroughly in 100-150 ml of warm water. In the resulting solution, moisten a gauze or a small towel and place this compression on the groin area. The size of the tissue should be such that the penis is completely wrapped.

Enlarging the penis with baking soda using creams means using it for 30 days a day. A procedure shows no results, you only need to apply the method to courses. You can add a little essential oil to the mixture to enhance the effect on the body and the positive effect. The oil of cyparil, cardamom, or any other "masculine" fragrant plant is perfect for these purposes. The aroma of the essential oils allows you to relax and forget about pressing problems, and the soft texture warms the body and improves blood circulation. You should lie down for a while after the procedure, but it is even better to sleep to consolidate the result.

Baking soda can be used internally to increase the effectiveness of penis enlargement. It has a positive effect on the internal environment of the body, namely it contributes to the regulation of the functioning of important organs and systems. In some cases, the small size is due to the presence of concomitant comorbidities that the man may not even be aware of. They lead to a deterioration in the quality of the erection or even impotence. The use of this substance frees the body from toxins and toxins that can lead to dangerous pathologies.

soda solution for penis growth

You should consult a specialist before taking the substance - a trained doctor will tell you how to enlarge your penis with baking soda and do it safely and as soon as possible.

It should be started in small portions - a quarter teaspoon twice a day. This happens between meals. Over time, the dose increases to 1 tablespoon. spoons for reception.

To prevent various diseases and problems of the digestive system, a soda solution should be used - add 1 teaspoon to 150 ml of water. A spoonful of powder. You should drink the cure before eating in the morning.

Of course, the direct use of soda does not change the size of the penis, but it will in any case have a positive effect on a man’s health and psycho-emotional state.

Baths are often used to enlarge the penis with soda - reviews show that this procedure is highly effective. To use this method, add 100 grams of material to each liter of water. Based on this ratio, the volume of the bath can be adjusted, the water does not need to be made very hot, the optimal choice would be 40-50 degrees. It is very important that the bath allows you to relax, not to cause discomfort and even more painful feelings. To do this, the body must not be damaged.

soda bath for penis enlargement

The procedure shows maximum efficiency just before the exercises, and then the bath normalizes the blood circulation in the penis and relaxes its tissues. The duration of the procedure is about 15 minutes. These manipulations should be applied as often as possible within a month, but no more than twice a day. The men interviewed unanimously said that soda is a very reliable and safe substance to increase a man’s "dignity" that did not cause complications during the course.

Safety instructions

The male reproductive system is very sensitive to various negative manifestations and therefore needs to be protected from pathogenic factors in the environment and the internal environment. Despite the positive properties of the product, this method can have serious consequences. To prevent this, a number of rules must be followed that allow health to be maintained. These include the following aspects:

  • if internal use is planned, extreme caution should be exercised, especially if there is any disease in the digestive system. If the stomach is acidic, regular, high-dose intake of the drug will provoke gastritis or even ulcer formation;
  • you should consult your doctor to rule out the presence of individual intolerance to the product;
  • in the presence of a disease such as diabetes mellitus, it is better to refrain from using it in any form because the effect of its active components acts precisely on the circulatory bodies;
  • it is forbidden to diagnose a malignancy in humans because the blood becomes more fluid after several doses of the substance, causing cancer cells to spread more quickly throughout the body;
  • should refuse to use this treatment with a low gastric acid content, as this has serious consequences;
  • some men have hypersensitivity to the skin - the skin shows increased dryness. This causes severe irritation or even an inflammatory process, which is especially unacceptable in the reproductive system.

It is important to note that a positive result can only be achieved if the established rules are followed. Regularity is of great importance in any method of penis enlargement. If you use an effective and safe method every day, it will certainly work and add a few inches to your penis.


There are a number of contraindications to the use of the preparation that should be considered, especially in the presence of certain pathologies or chronic diseases. These contraindications are:

  • skin damage, presence of rash;
  • individual intolerance of the substance;
  • organ deformity as a result of an abnormal process (in this case it cannot be done without consulting the treating physician).

In the presence of the above factors, the substance cannot be absorbed externally and internally, and in the latter case these contraindications include even more:

  • chronic gastritis or any other disease that leads to changes in the acidity of the stomach;
  • allergic reaction;
  • ulcerative formations.

It is strictly forbidden to use an expired product, so it should be checked before the penis is enlarged with soda. In addition, you should refuse to use it even if the product has a normal shelf life, but the powder has turned yellow, has a peculiar odor, or has any other deviation from the norm.

Now you know how soda affects penis enlargement. To achieve a positive result, you must follow all the rules and recommendations and follow the procedures regularly.